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Change Management
Ensuring individual and organisational readiness for planned interventions and providing a broader capacity to respond to unplanned change.

Cultural Development/Values Alignment
Design and facilitation of programs/workshops to articulate the work environment
and flesh out the unwritten rules that are the organisational reality, in order to move towards an improved work environment

Leadership Development
Design and facilitation of programs (including 360° feedback, one on one coaching, group workshops), ensuring management talent is equipped to take the organisation forward.

Business Process Improvement
Review of current processes against the required activities, ensuring alignment
with strategy and purpose, determining appropriate resource requirements.

Performance Management
Design and implementation of effective processes/tools ensuring managers are prepared and skilled to conduct meaningful dialogue and ongoing coaching for individual performance improvement and development



Organisation Development Philosophy
Evolution not revolution… sometimes revolution
An integrated approach to enhance performance of the individual, teams and the organisation as a whole
Find the linkages between what is done or to be done
Always provide the why for people

At an organisational level:
• What is the current state?
• What will the new organisation look like?
• What must change to enable the new organisation to fulfill the vision?
• What is the plan to achieve these changes?
• How will success be measured?

At an individual level:
• Why must this change happen?
• How does this affect me?
• How will my job change?
• Will I have the skills/support to do my new job?

Ensure sustainability through the energy to continue
Not events but a planned evolving approach
Like sailing – don’t always go directly to the end, but rather tack with the end in mind

Leadership Philosophy
One definition:
Moving people in a new direction on an unchartered course towards a vision/concept/strategy, in a way they’ve never done it (a set of behaviours people are willing to follow)

Desirable to be part of an overall framework of change in a business
How far, how complex is dependent in part on an organisation’s readiness for change
Leadership should operate at all levels of a business, but potentially in different ways – not just the ‘bloke’ at the top!
Leaders – born or made? Everyone is capable of greater things – we can all strive to be the best we can be
Requires defining by the organisation – what behaviours do we wish to see exhibited consistently by our people?
Underpinned by effective coaching
Many methods of developing leadership:
• Providing challenging roles with stretch
• Developing people proactively by rotation and projects
• Defining internal leadership
• Allowing the opportunity to make mistakes (within reason)
• Professional coaching
• Mentoring
• One on one time

Integrate Leadership into meaningful measurements – link to business results rather than a stand out set of behaviours

Learning Philosophy
For things to change, first I must change
Provide opportunities for people, they choose to accept them or not
What are the opportunities to make a difference?
What gets measured gets done
Perception is reality
Ensuring time to reflect and apply the ‘ah-ha’s’
Cause an action to get a reaction
Occasionally throw a hand grenade!



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